Raids, clans, marauding masses
Invaders, crusaders, clash
One god many gods
Scoti in Dal Raita blown a Gael
Pictland in the east full of painted people
Norse invaders meet spiked defence
And behind, a union
Thirsty swords drew still
Turbulence took a hiatus
One man’s vision stirred
From which borne legend, and myth
We think
Constantine and Aed descend then,
Beyond the beginnings
Sparring, jostling, skirmishing
Amongst the common folks
The clansmen
We will have the Balliols and the
Bruces and the sovereign Stuarts
Of the House of Alpin
Before the Rampant, before Dunkeld,
Led by a great lord
The first king of Scotland
It is the 9th century
It is the beginning