Poverty would leave me alone
I could taste the sea air
Feel the sun in a sky of blue
Hear the musicians I admire
Lift my head from the pillow
Destitute would not pervade
Hollow in this depression would
be far from me. From us.
If I could fly I would
make our lives better, richer.
An honest wage to come to me
I would stop the thieving
The handouts
Joy would find wings with me
Like dancing dragons and love’s
sweet song
The stale stench adorning here;
Wearing us wastefully  ̶
Would be swept away by my breeze
The creation of me, my movement,
my undertaking
This would carry us to something higher
better bolder
And others – I would lift them too
Past the pain the putrid the paucity
Restoring dignity, replenishing
Luxuriant words and softest touches
Inspiring a levelling of dappled clouds
And there, a beautiful beginning
A simple smile
A life.