Brundtland, 1987, definition and articulation for a saner planet
Loose association, wild interpretation, pretend now for an adoption into legislation
Then altogether, bipartisan in Rio, we saw progress, we felt enlightened
Forward steps, a gathered pace – erudite and exemplary slide a knowing hand beneath
Together we hoped
2002, to South Africa
Little change
2012, back to Rio
So little change
Heroes for a saner planet thin on parched Earth, flooded plains
Ice melt drowns our prospects; we keep the tap on.  Our doing.
Who will watch over us?  Is a hundred years long enough?  Surely we will be dead.
Consumed by our own Consumer Society.  Devoured, knowingly, stupidly.  Destroyed.
We are our own destruction. Shambolic excuse given the gifts we were given.
Our Common Future pissed away by old men and greedy wives
Mother Nature please step forward.  Great beauty in your everything
Survive now all beyond our time.  Avert the ecocide.  Make this century for Gaia.
For Earth.  For the inspired perfection and natural populations.
Mankind slide – go on to oblivion.  Our end, our choice.  No heroes worthy.
She is sentinel.  But not ours.  We were underserving.